Bring back the fun and inclusion into gaming

Do you want to get back into gaming but struggle to hold the controller or access certain buttons?

Well, ControlAble might just help - it is a new and unique program that customises gaming controllers for people with disabilities.

By using a range of different switches and buttons, our highly skilled volunteers are able to offer you a completely personalised controller. Depending on location, we can visit your home or you can come to us and together we can work how you can be in control, play and enjoy!

Here are some frequently asked questions:

I can hold the controller well, but find some of the buttons difficult to access, could you move some?

no problem, we can handle that.

I find the joystick a bit difficult to move, can you make it easier?

yes, we can definitely make it lighter and easier to press.

I do not have the ability to hold and move fingers around the controller in the way it is designed. How can you help me?

We may be able to extract the buttons and joysticks to be controlled with other parts of your body such as your feet and head.

To find out if we can help. Call us on 07 3216 1733